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Healing For Your Soul Wounds!

Malachi 4:2

Your soul is a vital part of your life. Your soul is part of who you are. Your soul needs to function well for things to go well with you. Your prosperity is linked to your soul. 3 John 2

Your soul is the decision making center of your life. God cares about the state of your soul. God created your soul and wants your soul to function well.

It is the will of God that your soul is preserved until the coming back of Jesus Christ. 1 Thessalonians 5:23 Your soul is made up of your will, your mind and your emotions. You need your will, your mind and your emotions to function properly and to be regarded as a well balanced human being.

Your soul is valuable and the enemy wants it. Your soul is part of the reason you are saved and a part of God's kingdom. 2 Corinthians 4:3,4 We are spirits who have a soul and live in a body.

When your soul is wounded As our natural bodies can be affected, so can our souls. As we can have physical wounds and sores caused by injuries to our bodies, we also have soul wounds

a) When your soul is wounded you will say things you shouldn't say which can cost you valuable relationships and connections. b) When your soul is wounded you may become weak, insecure, and fearful. c) When your soul is wounded and you don't get healed you will settle for less than God's best for your life.

Wounding our souls is part of Satan's strategy to hinder us from fulfilling our potential and stop us from glorifying God. There are many people who look great on the outside but are wounded on the inside. It is important that our souls are healthy, we need it to seek God. Deuteronomy 4:29

What Is The Cure For Soul Wounds? 1.The Word of God Psalm 19:7, Proverbs 4:4

2. The touch of God's Spirit. Genesis 2:7

3. Regular and constant exposure to the light of Jesus Christ is the cure for soul wounds. Malachi 4:2 Our souls have the hidden and dark corners of our being that people do not see and cannot physically touch The light of Jesus Christ touches those dark corners and brings healing to our souls.

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