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Sowing Into The Kingdom

Text: Matthew 13:1-13 When you sow into the Kingdom of God you are sowing into the best ground, you are sowing into a realm and dimension that can yield you eternal results. Mark 10:28-31 When you give into the Kingdom you are giving into the power of an indestructible life. You are sowing into God's indestructible life. John 3:16 The quality of life God's Kingdom offers is eternal life, eternal life is God's quality of  life, and this quality of life is beyond human, natural life. It is 'zoe' life which is the God kind of life. John 1:12,13 It was the quality of life found in Jesus while on earth. This life explains the reason why Jesus could not be killed or destroyed despite the many opposition and enemies He had. Each time Jesus overcame evil intentions,enemies, jealousy and envy it's because He was operating in and from a realm that was far above where His enemies were, so they could not get Him. Living and operating from this realm which is the Kingdom realm puts you above and at an advantage. Ephesians 2:6-7 There are different kinds of seed we can sow into God's Kingdom, and there are different ways we can sow into God's Kingdom. If we couldn't sow into God's Jesus wouldn't have said we should not lay up our treasures on earth. This means there is a way we can lay up treasures in heaven, in God's Kingdom.

God expects us to be fruitful and faithful. Faithfulness with what God has given us should preced our fruitfulness. When you are faithful with little, that little becomes big. When you are faithful with a few, that few can become much. How faithful are you towards your Kingdom responsibilities? 1 Samuel 12:24 Are you serving God with your time, treasure and talent? So God expects us to sow seed into His Kingdom. What is seed? Your seed is anything you have that can benefit another man or God's Kingdom. Your seed is not just money! Your seed can be money. It can also be your time, it can be your talent or gift, it can also be your material treasures and resources. Matthew 6:19-21 Your kindness is a seed. Your words are seeds. Ephesians 4:29 Your service is a seed. Matthew 23:11 Your job/work can also be a Kingdom seed. Colossians 3:23 You cannot invest in God and loose. You cannot invest in God's kingdom and not benefit. Matthew 6:33

The Bible shows us examples of different people who became great as a result of 'seed' put into the Kingdom. Anything you do as unto the Lord is to your credit in the kingdom. It becomes your seed.

Joseph's seed was service: Genesis 39- service to Potiphar, service to prisoners and service to Pharaoh David's seed was worship/gratitude and his treasure/resources. Jesus's seed was his blood/his life. Abraham's seed was obedience- when God called him, and when God told him to sacrifice his son Issac. Peter's seed was love for Jesus and his Kingdom. Noah's seed was obedience. The mighty men of David's seed was respect for God's anointed- 2 Samuel 23:16

Your job, your business, your tithe, your offering can be a seed. What you do to a man of God, whether good or bad is a seed. Abraham sowed into God's Kingdom when he tithed to a Holy man of God. Genesis 14:18 Abraham sowed another seed when he had God visit His house. Genesis 18

Everyone can make an impact and input to God's Kingdom. You can do this through your seed. You can do this by releasing your seed to God in faith. Romans 14:23 We all have seed- our forgiveness, our patience, our love, our persistence, our evangelism, our offerings, our addiction to the kingdom etc.

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