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Think Differently

Romans 12:2

Sons and daughters of God are called to think differently.

God's people are not expected to reason like everyone else because they have been called to a life of faith.

We have been called to a life of God's presence, God's glory, God's kingdom, and power.

To live with the consciousness of God's presence in our life is to think differently from the everyday person.

To live for the glory of God will demand we think differently.

To be kingdom minded is a responsibility which involves thinking differently from the crowd.

To walk in God's power and to demonstrate it will require thinking differently from most people.

Your success, your breakthrough, your promotion and testimony may require you think differently before you receive them.

Thinking differently is not always an easy thing to develop.

The Lord wants us to think His own kind of thoughts and have His view on the issues of life.

Colossians 3:2

This will require courage.

God wants you to be courageous enough to think the way He wants you to think.

The way you think matters a lot to God and to your life.

Philippians 4:8

The God follower is given the mind of Christ so that he/she may think differently.

1 Corinthians 2:16

The mind of Christ is a mind through which God's Spirit operates.

The mind of Christ gives you the ability to have God's thoughts and perspective.

We have a responsibility to regularly let God's Spirit work on our minds.

The mind of Christ has to be cultivated.

We cultivate the mind of Christ by renewing our mind.

Renewing our mind is a process through which God's Spirit and God's Word work to change our mind for the better.

Studying the Holy scriptures prayerfully and meditatively allows God's Spirit to work on our mind.

The process of renewing the mind opens up our mind to the thoughts, intentions, perspective, creativity, and plans of God for our life.

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