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Understanding Divine Progress

Proverbs 4:18 Isaiah 60:1, 2

In this ministry as we were inspired by the Lord we themed this year as our year of  'LIGHT & PROGRESS' Which means we are going to succeed by light. To make progress is to succeed steadily. In God's Kingdom light is associated with progress We see this from our text passage in Proverbs 4:18 Light represents everything that's good, positive and divine according to scriptures. When you have enough light in you, you will make steady progress in this dark world. When there is light, there will be progress. Isaiah 58:8 Light also represents God's Word, revelation, wisdom, knowledge, understanding or a secret that God reveals to you that others don't know. Light is a carrier of everything we need and Jesus is Light. John 8:12

What God reveals to you is a light God has given you. It means you have been 'lighted' in an area others have not. It is the will of God that His children make progress in this world the right way. It's God's will that we make progress that glorifies Him. Isaiah 49:3 Our progress and success brings pleasure to God. Psalm 35:27 So it is the desire, wish and prayer of God that it is well with each of us.

Every right thinking person wants to make progress and the desire to progress and succeed was put in us by God. But sometimes we don't make the progress we desire for a number of reasons.

There are hindrances to progress:

1) Satan - 1 Thessalonians 2:18 Satan can resist people, ministries, careers, dreams, prayer and destinies. 2) The flesh - Galatians 5:17 The flesh is the main reason we fall short. The flesh is responsible for laziness, fatigue, lack of motivation which are factors that hinder our progress. 3) Procrastination - Deuteronomy 23:21, Proverbs 26: 13-15 Procrastination is commonly called the thief of time. Prograstination wastes our opportunities, our talents and potential, which hinders our progress. 4) Ignorance - Matthew 22:29, Isaiah 44:19 Is the reason people make most of the costly mistakes that cost them their future and progress. Ignorance of their self identity, ignorance of the plan and purposes of God, ignorance of their gifts, talent and potential. Ignorance hinders progress.

Jesus has paid the price for you to make progress spiritually and physically. Revelation 5:12, Galatians 3:13,14 Every genuine child of God has a right to make progress. God has promised His blessing upon the work of our hands. What can we do to ensure our progress? 1) Resist the devil - James 4:7, Matthew 4: 1-11  We resist the devil by the Word of God

2) Tap into grace - 2 Corinthians 12:9 Grace is needed to live right. Grace is needed for us to do all we need to do. Grace is the cure for sin.

3) Be diligent - Proverbs 21:5, 1 Kings 11:28, 2 Chronicles 24:13 To be diligent is to be industrious. Diligence means hard work. It is also prompt action to an assigned task or responsibilities. We need diligence in prayer, in Bible study, on our jobs and careers,, in obeying God. We need to be diligent to work on our ideas and the dreams God has put in our hearts. God will give you ideas and plans, work on them and you will see progress.

4) Receive wisdom - wisdom is the chief requirement that ensures our progress. We need wisdom to know how to deal with situations, relate with people, and make the best decisions for our lives. Proverbs 4:7 James 1:5

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