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Understanding Kingdom Ranks

Joel 2:8

There are many parallels between what we see in the natural and what things are like in the spirit realm. There are some similarities between kingdoms on earth and God's kingdom. God is a king and He has a kingdom. Like the kingdoms of the earth, the kingdom of God has a king, a sole ruler who owns and controls the realm of the kingdom. Matthew 6:10 Like the kingdoms of the earth, the kingdom of God reveals the glory, the power, the majesty of God and His taste. The beauty of this kingdom was designed by God Himself, God is the one who decorates His kingdom. Revelation 21:1-3 This kingdom has earthly and heavenly citizens.

Just like kingdoms of the earth, the kingdom of God has officials that have different roles in them with different ranks. Ranks refer to headship, leadership, roles and structure. Every member of this kingdom family has his/her own path that's unique to him/her.

Angels have different roles and ranks - warrior angels, messenger angels, legal/judgement angels, worship angels e.t.c There are Seraphims, Cherubims and Arch angels. There are spirit beings before the throne of God called the 24 elders, they are also called thrones. These spirits are different types of angels who have a different role to other angels. Revelation 4:4

Lucifer was a cherub angel. Not only was he a cherubim  he was an anointed one. He was anointed - this means he had a rank and a position in God's kingdom that was unique to him. The anointing gives you a rank and position in God's kingdom. He was anointed - this means Lucifer was gifted and as Satan he still is. Romans 11:29 The anointing makes you gifted. He was anointed - this means he was a leader. The anointing makes you lead in the area and position God has put you. No wonder Lucifer had the influence to lead a third of God's angels astray. Revelation 12:4

Angel Michael is a lead warrior angel. He is called a great prince. Daniel 10:13 This speaks something about his rank and position. Daniel 12:1 In his dispute with Satan over the body of Moses the prophet, we see angel Michael having to rebuke Satan through God. Jude 1:9 He couldn't do it any other way. Lucifer was perhaps his boss in heaven according to ranking.

The Bible is clear there are spiritual dignitaries. 2 Peter 2:10 The Bible shows us God is a God of order. Order means there is administration and structure in what God puts together. In God's kingdom there is administration and order. 1 Corinthians 12:12

In marriage, a man is called the head of the woman not because He is better than the woman but because of God's order in creation.

In the work place we have CEO's, directors, managers, team leaders, and staff including cleaners and the security teams. Each individual is important but each individual contributes a different service to the organization based on their roles or rank. Your skill determines your rank. The skill of the C.E.O is different from the skill or gift of the cleaner.

It is similar in God's kingdom Our spiritual gifts are associated with our kingdom role and assignment. Matthew 25:15 Jesus has purchased gifts for each of us. Ephesians 4:8 The Spirit of God determines the gift you receive. God in His wisdom gives you spiritual gifts which gives you skill to function in the position and rank God has given you.

Since God determines the gift you receive, you cannot be more than what heaven has given you or created you to be. John 19:11 You cannot be more than what heaven permits.

Of the 5 fold ministry gifts and calling none is more superior than the other but their mode of operation and function is different. Ephesians 4:11 The five fold ministry offices are to bring order and structure in the body of Christ.

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