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Your Last Minute Miracle

Isaiah 43:19

God is a God of the miraculous. God is a God of all possibilities. God can and is able to work a miracle at a moment in time. With God, all things are possible. Luke 1:37

That a thing is not possible with man doesn't mean it's impossible with God. Matthew 19:26 Where a matter ends with man, God may just be getting started with it. God is not bound by man's chronological time. God is not confined to time but He can work in time. That it is a last minute situation for you doesn't mean God cannot come through for you. We see that God often saves the best for last. John 2:9,10

That it is the last day of the year, the last Sunday of the year, the last Month of the year, the last chance to seize that opportunity or the last day to pay up doesn't mean God won't come through for you. That it looks tough doesn't mean God won't make a way. God may not always seem early to you but He is never late.

The children of Israel looked to be in a desperate situation. The Egyptians were chasing right behind them and the red sea was right in front of them. They were stuck! You may feel stuck today. You may have found yourself in a position whereby you can't go backwards and you can't go forward. Just like the Egyptians who pursued the Israelites, enemies may be pursuing you on all sides.

Ahead of you, it may seem you will be swallowed up by that situation staring you in the face. Don't leave out the God factor. God has the kingdom, the power and the glory to change your circumstance. Matthew 6:13 God can get you unstuck! God can deliver you by a miracle, even if it is at the last moment.

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