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About us


The Light Of Jesus Christ Assembly is a church assembly body founded by the Lord Jesus Christ through the hands of life coach and teacher Olutosin Ogunkolade. She is a Kingdom minded, Jesus focused, teaching ministry.

She started as an inspiration and evolved into a dream, the dream started manifesting in May of 2014, 'as the dots began to connect'. Daily, the teacher received clarity from God about what to do and how to set up the ministry. Ours is a church body where fellowship is carried out in a spirit of love. We believe in creating a culture that cares among us. Infect, that is our in house vision! Creating a culture that cares by love

Our assignment, primarily as a teaching ministry is to 'teach God's Word and spread God's light'. This is the mandate we have been given. Our global vision is to spear head a revival of God's Kingdom message before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We have Holy communion services every last Sunday of the month, be sure to be part of it!

We have anointing services every first Sunday of the Month, be sure to come!

We have eight core truths and beliefs that serve as the

pillars of our ministry. The tenants of our faith:

  • The Bible is God's inspired Word- we believe and accept the Bible to be God's inspired Word, written by men who were moved by God's Holy Spirit to document God's thoughts. (1 Timothy 3:15-17, Matthew 4:4, John1:1)

  • There is only one God, and he has the ability to manifest as three separate personalities. We accept the concept of the trinity as the ability of God to manifest as three distinct individuals who can operate separately (Isaiah 44:6, 1Timothy2:5, James 2:19, Genesis 1:26)

  • Sound Biblical doctrine (Ephesians 2:20, 2Timothy4:3, Titus 2:1, 2Timothy 4:2-4)- salvation, adoption, the crucifixion and ressurrection, grace, love, spiritual growth,repentance,the second coming of Jesus Christ, holiness, righteousness, purity, etc

  • Love (1Corinthians 13, 1Corinthians16:14)- we believe love is the primary purpose of man and the very nature of God! We understand love to be one of the cardinal doctrines of the christian faith. We accept the responsibility of walking in love

  • Prosperity (Deuteronomy 8:18, Jeremiah 29:11, Philipians 4:19)- As a church we believe God wants us to prosper, we believe God is the giver of all round prosperity, we believe prosperity is in line with God's Word, and is necessary for the effective propagation of the gospel. 

  • Wisdom (Proverbs 4:7, James 1:5, Ephesians 5:15-17)- The Word informs us that wisdom is profitable to direct us, and this gift and virtue is the prinicipal thing, so we value wisdomand give it a place in our life and ministry. We believe the Bible is God's wisdom Book given to us.

  • The five fold ministry (Ephesians 4:11, Ephesians 2:20, Ephesians 4:12)- We acknowledge the various offices that God calls men into in the body of Christ. Some are called to be Apostles, Pastors, Prophets, Evangelists and Teachers. We believe the church body should be the environment where individuals for these offices are trained and cultivated. Ours is predominantly a teaching ministry. 

  • Dreams and Visions (Acts 2:17, Amos 3:7, Ephesians 3:5)- We believe in visions and dreams as one of the ways God inspires us, speaks to us, and directs us which is inline with with God's Word. We accept every dream and vision should be checked and scrutinized in the light of God's Word.


Visit and follow our church blog to read more about us and leave your comments:

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​Our Minister

Olutosin Ogunkolade has been a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ for nothing less than 30 years, privileged to find salvation at a young age, he has been a member of a number of churches where he has been privileged to grow spiritually and also serve, as well as passing through their classes and academies.

He has had a career in Health and Social care for many years. He is in partnership with a number of ministries, and has sat under the teachings of ministers of the gospel he considers to be some of the best teachers of God's Word today.

Olutosin is also a gifted and creative writer with published works.

He is the founder of Platform bookstore and devices, an online bookstore that promotes and gives the works of self published authors a platform to be seen, down loaded and purchased, and Star Calligraphics a calligraphy studio that deals in calligraphic art, calligraphic design and branding. He also heads Care Takers, a company that provides care and support in the sector of Health and Social care.


As a writer, Olutosin Ogunkolade is an inspired and prolific writer on many subjects, and a man of divers writing interests. He is a man who is two parts courageous and one part compassionate. He is an author, his published works include 'THE DREAMERS JOURNEY TO THE DREAM' an inspiring small volume intended to motivate the reader towards achieving his dreams, 'GREAT WORDS FOR GREAT LIVING' a voluminous book which also doubles as a work book which is of the self help genre, and 'MAKAIRA' a christian/fiction story. He also writes regularly on his blog on various subjects.


His blog is called 'THE DREAMERS BLOG'

Olutosin is registered as a freelance writer with a number of online free lance writing organisations. A lot of is writings come about as a result of deep thought, an observant eye and an active imagination.

A life coach and teacher, he has the gift of counsel and a very good knowledge of God's Word. He is the creator of the THE LIGHT comics and characters (Captain Wisdom, Sir understanding and Kingdom man)

He is married and has the fruit of marriage to show for it, he resides in London, UK.

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