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Image by Mitya Ivanov


(delivered and sent out on the 1st of January 2014)

Saints Of God,

I wish each of you a happy new year, and a multiplied portion of Gods goodness!

I pray this year will be an improvement on the previous year for each person in every ramification.


It's typical for christians to want to know what the new year holds, we usually seek a Word from God to hold onto for the coming year.

I felt the same. Since these Words act as a focal point and anchor for us throughout the year.

I wanted to know how to move, where to move to and to receive Gods heavenly strategies for 2014.


In the place of meditation, the Spirit told me by inspiration that 2014 is the "year of THE CROWN."

This led me to an in depth study and search into what the CROWN means scripturally.



  • The crown is representative of divine good will (what this means to you is that God will extend goodness to you in 2014)

  • The crown represents prominence (what this means to you, is that God will bring you out from the background to your own mountain top)

  • The crown symbolises your reward (this year God will crown all your efforts with success)

  • The crown symbolises royalty (this year, the world will see that you are a royal priesthood, child of the KING!)

  • The crown is symbolic of glory (this year, the glory of the Lord will be seen upon you!)

  • The crown is representative of favour (may God put a crown of favour upon your head this year)

  • The crown is representative of someone authorized to have power (what this means to you, is that ACTS 1:8 will take on flesh in your life)

  • The crown is symbolic of adornment and beautification (this year, the Lord will beautify your life)

  • The crown is representative of someone who should be respected (this year, your respect is coming)

  • The crown is represents affluence, prosperity and wealth (wealth is coming into your hands, business, ministry and family this year)

  • The crown is also symbolic of wisdom (since it is by wisdom Kings rule and princes decree justice) in 2014, Gods Wisdom is available to you

  • Crowns also reveal a chosen person (this year you will be preferred in Jesus name) 

As 'the year of the crown' has started, lets also remember that the Bible way is that of THE CROSS BEFORE THE CROWN, so it may not necessarily be the easiest of years. There will be some hard times ahead.

It is a year when the mighty will fall.


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