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Bible Groups

Our Intention

Our intention is that The Light Of Jesus Christ Assembly will grow spiritually and numerically as we stick with our assignment of teaching God's Word and spreading God's light. Our primary focus is the salvation of souls and the spiritual growth of the saints. We believe numerical growth is also part of God's blessing and we welcome it.


Our own permanent site: We are a young assembly of believers and our services still hold in a hall of a rented property. It's part of our intention that as a church body we will purchase our own permanent site. We trust God that at the right time, it will happen.


Children's Church: we intend to own a standard church building where our children will have their services.


Bible groups: We have one house fellowship centre now and with the passage of time we intend to have more Bible groups/house fellowships where members of the assembly can gather together in smaller units to share fellowship, learn from one another, ask questions and develop friendships.

Join us every Thursday at 49, Butchers road, Canningtown, London E161PH for our house fellowship meeting. It is interesting and insightful, God's Word is explained in detail and it provides the opportunity to ask questions in a comfortable home setting

Our Bible group(s)/House fellowship are called 'THE LIGHT IN THE HOUSE'.

Church Interior

Bible Groups/ House Fellowships

​The wisdom behind house fellowship/Bible groups (THE LIGHT IN THE HOUSE) is for the members of the assembly/ congregation of our church body to meet in smaller settings or units where they can get a chance to answer questions and learn from one another. We all have wisdom other people need and should tap from. The Bible groups/House fellowships provides the right setting to make that happen as people may not always have the chance to answer questions during church service.

More importantly it is scriptural, Acts 2 verse 46 and 47  says 'Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They  broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people'. This is the type of love, unity and favor we want to see in our assembly and our Bible Groups.

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