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Priest Holding Book

2016 will be a defining year. It’s a year when you have to be clear about where you stand.

This year 2016, we cannot afford to be like Jonathan the son of King Saul. Don’t cast your lot with the ignorant and those who despise the Word of God.

In the year 2016, be clear if you are for the Kingdom of God or not.

Be clear if you are for God or not. Be clear about which tent or camp you belong to. Don’t be one leg in and one leg out.

It’s a good year to go all out for God. It’s a year God won’t tolerate lukewarmness. This year, don’t join the devil in his ministry of accusing, back biting and slandering the saints.

It’s a good year to speak less and listen more.

This year, allow God to speak and intervene for you.

2016 is a year patience will be beneficial to God’s people.

It is a year of great rewards and divine connections for those who put God’s Kingdom first. It is a year God’s protection will be heavy upon His people.

New stars will rise this year. It’s a year ignorance will not be an excuse, God’s people don’t have a reason to be ignorant.

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