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Family Movie Evening!

The History The Family Movie Evening (F.M.E) is a Wednesday mid week service our church ministry hosts every two Months. It started in the early part of 2016 and a total of 8 F.M.E's have been held and hosted so far in our church. The last F.M.E was held in the latter part of the year, 2017. None has been held so far this year due to certain changes, and phases our church ministry has had to go through - change of halls/facilities and other issues. I'm glad to let you know our F.M.E service is back! The next one will be hosted on the 9th October 2019 from 6:30pm - 8:30pm

The Aim  The major aim of the Family Movie Evening is to have individuals and families in our local environment come together in a conducive environment for fellowship, friendship and free entertainment.

The Family Movie Evening was set up to benefit and connect our church more with her local residents/community. It was also set up to compliment the charity arm of our church which has involved giving of clothes, shoes and unwanted items in good condition to charities that can get them across to those who need them. The major charity we give to is the Salvation Army who we fancy as a very grass root ministry and charity to her community. We believe every church assembly no matter how global she may be in her outlook and influence has a local base she operates from and should have a responsibility to no matter the size of that local church. We will continue to seek ways we can give back to our community and aid residents of our local community.

The Target Our target is families. Young couples, new couples, older couples and individuals within the community are more than welcome. People of various age ranges are welcome. 📷

What To Expect Our F.M.E services are an evening of friendship, fellowship and entertainment. Refreshments are made available, we watch a movie together, we have always created a cinema effect.. We don't collect offers during F.M.E's or during any Wednesday mid week service we have had so far. We do accept free will giving which is used to run the ministry. No one will be forced to give as it is a free event. Expect to watch a movie that is appropriate for young children and family friendly. Children are put into consideration and there will be bottled water and drinks. We start the service with prayer, some short announcements, a bit of worship, the watching of the movie and a short time for people to talk and interact. Then we have the closing prayer.

The Venue: The venue for our next F.M.E is the venue our church THE LIGHT OF JESUS CHRIST ASSEMBLY has her Sunday services in from 1pm-3pm.

Barking Road Community Center 627 - 633 Barking Road London E13 9EZ (near Esso Fuel Station, OPPOSITE AND CLOSE TO NEW CITY ROAD)

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