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Harvesting From The Glory!

Philippians 4:19

When Adam and Eve were in the glory they didn't lack anything.

The wisdom, the blessing, the dignity and grace to rule over the earth and all of creation was on Adam and Eve when God's glory was upon their lives.

Genesis 1:26,28

They were so covered up in God's glory that they didn't even know they were naked or what nakedness was.

Genesis 3:9-11

I believe the glory was intertwined with them, I believe the glory of God was 'worn' by Adam and his wife Eve the way animals have fur.

The glory departed when they sinned.

And man then fell from the exalted position God had placed him on. The consequence is still on earth today.

Genesis 3:14-24

This was the beginning of things going wrong in God's creation.

Wisdom, blessing, dignity, grace, authority and favor is available in God's glory.

God's glory if full of His bounty and abundance.

God's promise to meet all our need is according to His riches in glory.

The glory of God is rich!

Aim for the glory of God.

Claim your needs as met from God's glory.

As Adam was supposed to till the ground of Eden and harvest fruit from it, the glory is where we are to harvest from.

Everything we need for life and godliness is in the glory realm and it has been given to us.

Psalm 8:4,5

When the glory of God departs from a nation, a community, a family, an individual, a church, or a company the person or people in question begin to die. There will be financial, spiritual, and eventually biological death.

This is because human beings were created for the presence of God and God's glory answers to His presence.

The realm of God's glory was designed to be with man.

Man fell for the devil's wile and brought a curse on the earth, himself and humanity.

Thanks to the heavenly Father who sent Jesus with a ministry of reconciliation.

Jesus was sent to the earth to reconcile the world back to Him (God the Father).

2 Corinthians 5:19

We are reconciled back to the glory realm which is the realm of the Father, the realm of the Kingdom and the supernatural.

Not only are we reconciled back to the glory realm, the glory of God has now been given to us and is in us as members of God's family.

John 17:1-5, 10-12, 12,24

It's time to start receiving from God.

It's time to understand God's glory, invest in it and sow in it.

It is time to start harvesting from God's glory realm.

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