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Understanding The Spirit Of Might

Isaiah 11:2

Gideon could not have fulfilled  his divine assignment without the Spirit of might. Judges 6:14 David would not have risen to prominence and become a leader of men without the Spirit of might. 2 Samuel 17:8 Jesus would not have fulfilled His ministry and He would not have successfully fast for 40 days and 40 nights without the Spirit of might. With the Spirit of might comes endurance, persistence and toughness.

You need divine might or strength to prevail in life's affairs. Life is a journey that comes with warfare, persecution and sometimes challenges for those who are doing the right thing. John 16:33 Life is a journey that will try you to see if you believe what you are saying about yourself. Matthew 4:3,6 The enemy also has a way of trying to see if you will maintain your profession despite the odds he throws your way.

When the tide of life seems to turn against you, you will need divine strength or might to keep going. Matthew 24:13 The disciples of Jesus Christ were quite unstable before the day of Pentecost but after the day of Pentecost the same disciples who abandoned the Lord at his darknest time as he was headed to the cross became different men who stood against the authroities of the day. Acts 4:16-32 The Spirit of might which also supplies boldness and courage had come upon them!

We are in dark times. We are in tough times. We are in perilous times which the Bible talks about. 2 Timothy 3:1-5 You will need the Spirit of might in these times.

Facts about the Spirit of might: 1) the Spirit of might is a dimension of the Holy Spirit. It is an aspect of the 7 Spirits of God. Isaiah 11:2

2) the Spirit of might can give you physical strength. Judges 14:6, Romans 8:11

3) the Spirit of might can give you spiritual strength. Ephesians 3:16

4) the Spirit of might can make you a different man or woman. (Eg. the disciples of Jesus)

5) the Spirit of might helps our leadershipand brings respect. 2 Samuel 23:8

6) you can't have the Spirit of might and be sickly. (Jesus, Samson, Gideon and Apostle Paul were not sickly men)

7) The Spirit of might is an aspect of your wholeness.


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